Cooler weather is rapidly approaching and we are praying for it at this time due to the fires affecting the mountains west of Laramie! As some may know, Laramie Land Company not only represents many clients in the area but Karla and her husband have a cabin in Fox Park, Patricia and her husband have a cabin in Wold and we have family members with a cabin by WyColo. The fire has been devastating and we are sending our thanks, thoughts and prayers to the firemen and those coordinating fighting this tremendous fire.

The Laramie market still currently has limited inventory, which as we type only 29 active properties in town (same as beginning of last month) and 43 active properties in town, county and Centennial are posted on Laramie MLS. There were approximately 50 closed residential homes in the month of September, as reported on Laramie MLS, with the average price of $299,031 and a median price of $276,250, down a bit from August. We are not only fielding calls from all over the country from potential residents of Laramie or Wyoming in general but have more and more potential new Wyoming-ites visit to tour Laramie in general. It is a bit discouraging to some though the lack of inventory and they move on to other locales or are patiently waiting for their desire home to come on the market.

Laramie Land Company was involved in the following sales that took place in September:

  • 305 Lake Hattie
  • 2107 S. 21 Street, Silver Sage Estates
  • 429 Mitchell Street, I-5
  • 1725 Downey Street
  • 716 E. Flint Street
  • 712 S. 17th Street
  • 2102 S. 20th Street, Silver Sage Estates
  • 1755 Harrison Street
  • 141 Fox Creek Road

We still have lots available for pre-sale at Silver Sage Estates – call today to learn how to build your dream home today. Be sure to like us on Facebook as we post New Listings first thing to this page. As always, we would be happy to discuss the current market, properties or assist on becoming a buyer in this market.

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