January 10, 2020 at 11:38am | Effie Bader
It may not be the “Roaring” 20’s but we at Laramie Land Company hopes this year brings economic growth and prosperity to Laramie. While the growth is on the right track with companies expanding, we have optimism the housing market inventory catches up with demand. Once again business slowed in town during the Holiday season, and the School Aged kids didn’t go back to school until the 6th, with all back to routines, we expect activity to increase.

The Residential Real Estate market in 2019 continued on the path of years before with limited inventory and sale price increases. This is not just a Laramie problem but is being seen throughout the Nation even though Builder’s Confidence has been good and hit a 20-month high in September, builders still grapple with the increasing costs to build. The average home price, both in town and county did excel again in 2019 while reported sales were down from 2018.

Looking into 2020 we are excited to watch Laramie Thrive. The City of Laramie, along with community partners including the economic engine the Laramie Chamber Business Alliance are working with a consulting firm to address all strengths and challenges in our community and this year will start laying the ground work for not only promoting the “Gem City of the Plains” but also tackle challenges that exist.

There is no doubt that most still see Laramie as a great place to live and work and we at Laramie Land Company agree. We would be happy to sit down and discuss the market with you, where it has gone and where we see it moving in the future. Give us a call!


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