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Thinking of Selling?

There are many aspects we take into consideration when listing a home, and it’s not snapping a few photos on our cell phone and putting it on MLS. We have years of experience in the market and spend our time researching and presenting the best listing price and marketing. We help navigate through every aspect an Owner doesn’t think about plus more.


When Laramie Land Company works for you as a Seller’s Agent, then our Fiduciary duties are owed to that client. What is a Fiduciary? A fiduciary is someone placed in a position of trust for another. An agent is someone who acts on behalf of another. An agent owes the following duties to a client – Obedience, Undivided Loyalty, Confidentiality and Accounting.


As full-time real estate agents, we keep our pulse on the market and are committed to get you through a successful sale efficiently and smoothly as possible.

Listing and Marketing a Property for Sale:

Please note, we will help you value your home at any time, whether you are thinking of selling, or needing to wait a few weeks or months. We are here to help you understand your current value and what updates or staging may be done to have your property in the best marketable appearance.


Pre-listing activities. Our first start is to make an appointment with seller at the property to receive the first tour. From there, our company researches and presents to you a Broker Opinion of Value. We look at the entire market, current listing, sold, pending as well as Assessor property information and notes taken during the walk through.


Listing Activities. Once Seller is comfortable with the Broker Opinion of Value, we detail the next steps in the marketing process and go through what to expect in the coming days on the property hitting the market. The Listing Agreement is also signed at this time.


Listed Property. Our goal is to have all questions answered by you and research before the property hits the market, which can include all HOA information, any covenants, any special utility information, and amenity information. Once all information is gathered the marketing begins.


MLS Database. Our job is to present the property to appeal to all buyers. We complete a MLS profile sheet and the property is then listed on Laramie MLS, which has a membership of over 130 Realtors.


Marketing. The property is not just entered on MLS. It then also goes out via our Facebook and Instagram page and our personal webpage at It is published to and Zillow. Depending on the market and the property, other marketing will be evaluated including video tours, open houses, and other ad print marketing. During this phase the tours of the home begin right away. It is important to provide follow-up to our Sellers on how tours are going, questions answered, and comments made.


The Offer and the Contract. It is stipulated by rules and regulations that Buyers receive and review ALL offers and contracts submitted by buyers or buyer's agents. We evaluate each offer for you and advice accordingly. We then negotiate on the offer when required.


Inspections and Appraisal. Inspections are important for Buyers, and we help coordinate all inspections and then work through any inspection items. This is a very important part of the whole contract where it is good to have an Agent to understand the inspection process. The Listing Agent then will work with the Appraiser (if required) and tour the Appraiser through the home.


Tracking the Loan. Working with the Lender or Selling Agent, we help track the loan, have all documents required and make sure the loan is on track for closing.


Closing Preparation and Duties. This step is in the last few weeks of the contract where we work with the Title Company and Lender to make sure all documents are in, coordinate closing, final walk through and CLOSE the home.

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